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We are a Sports News and Updates Website. Founded by two MBA Grdas, is incubated with GUSEC (Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council). is a story.

A story that began in 2015. It is a story of a Mechanical Engineer starting an Instagram Page for Cricket. Cricket was his passion and in the span of two years, the engineer took the page from 0 followers to 3 lakh followers. The Page soon became India’s most loved Cricket Page with huge engagement. One day, The page got taken down by Instagram. But this did not damp the spirits of the Engineer.

The passion for Sports was bigger than any failure. He began from scratch. It took some time, but in another year, the engineer managed to build a family of 3 lakh followers on the new Instagram Page.

The engineer went on to pursue an MBA. In a new city, In the new college, he decided to make it big. He partnered with his friend in college and decided to take it further. Together the business-minded duo managed to get Incubation in a Startup Incubator. After working day and night, Finally, when they were about to launch this website, COVID 19 hit the world. All the sporting activities stopped. This came as a big blow to the sporting industry. The entire sporting scenario changed. But, the guys didn’t give up. is their passion. A passion to tell good stories about the sporting world. To tell stories in the most creative way. Sports is the best teacher. All the life learning is present in a game- Success, Failure, Bad times, Good times, Ups, Downs everything. is about stories and it will present the best stories.

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