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Top Five Most Expensive Spells Ever Bowled in IPL History 



The T20 cricket brings lots of entertainment with lots of fours and sixes around the ground. This shorter format of the game is tilted more towards the favour of batsmen. The bowlers never feel relief or can’t take a breath as they have only four overs to make an impact in this game.

There are lots of new cricket shots coming and with the conditions favouring the batsmen more, it is very difficult to deliver consistent performance for bowlers in T20 cricket. 

The Indian Premier League has a tremendous lot of batsmen who are making new records every single year. In this league, bowlers are using different variations in their bowling and still go for some runs. Bowlers have to deliver dominating spells, especially in power play and death overs. Over the years, many bowlers have conceded lots of runs in their four overs of the game. In this article, we will discuss the top five most expensive spells in IPL history. 

5). Sandeep Sharma (1/65 vs Sunrisers Hyderabad)

Sandeep Sharma is an experienced bowler for Punjab Kings over the years. cany swing the new ball and make an impact in the powerplay overs. However, the left-arm pacer conceded 65 runs in his four overs against Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2014. 

While bowling his first two overs, Sandeep Sharma started brilliantly and conceded just 13 runs in batting power play. In his third over of the spell, the left-arm pacer went for 26 runs against Shikhar Dhawan. In the last over of his spell, Sandeep conceded the same number of runs and finished the spell with one wicket for 65 runs in his four overs. 

4). Umesh Yadav (0/65 vs Royal Challengers Bangalore) 

Umesh Yadav is known for his swing bowling with the new ball. The right-arm pacer was part of Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2013. In the league game against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Umesh Yadav conceded 65 runs in his four overs quota and failed to grab any wicket of opposition. 

In his first two overs of the spell, Umesh Yadav conceded 18 runs. However, in his second spell, Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers went behind him as the Vidarbha-born bowler 47 runs in his next two overs. Umesh Yadav went for 23 and 24 runs in his last two overs respectively and finished the spell with none for 65. 

3). Ishant Sharma (0/66 vs Chennai Super Kings) 

Ishant Sharma is ranked third in this list of the top five most expensive spells in IPL history. Ishant Sharma is always in talks with his expensive bowling in the shorter format of the game. He was a part of Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2013 where he conceded 66 runs against Chennai Super Kings. 

Having a partner like Dale Steyn, Ishant Sharma bowled the second over of innings for SRH. In this over, Murli Vijay went behind him and smashed three sixes against Ishant Sharma. Apart from that, in his last over of the spell Ishant Sharma conceded 25 runs and finished the spell with zero wickets for 66 runs. Suresh Raina scored four fours and one six in this last over to Ishant Sharma. 

2). Mujeeb Ur Rahman (0/66 vs Sunrisers Hyderabad) 

The Afghanistan spin bowler, Mujeeb Ur Rahman is the second player on this list. Mujeeb Ur Rahman was part of Punjab Kings in IPL 2019. Before this, Mujeeb Ur Rahman had performed brilliantly in this format and got many wickets for his franchise. However, in this game against Chennai Super Kings, Mujeeb Ur Rahman conceded 66 runs and failed to take any wicket. 

The spin all-rounder was in action during the second over where he went for 10 runs. In his second over of the inning, David Warner went hard behind him and scored 18 runs against Mujeeb Ur Rahman. In the second half of his spell, Kane Williamson and Mohammad Nabi scored runs against Mujeeb as he finished his spell with figures of no wickets for 66 runs. 

1). Basil Thampi (0/70 vs Royal Challengers Bangalore) 

Basil Thampi ranked number one as he bowled the most expensive spell in IPL history. Basil Thampi was part of Sunrisers Hyderabad where he went for 70 runs against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2018 edition of the Indian Premier League. 

In his first over of the inning, Moeen Ali went behind him and smashed two sixes. AB De Villiers also showed no mercy against this Indian pace bowler and scored 18 runs in his second over of the inning. However, skipper Kane Williamson showed trust in him and gave him a chance to complete his four overs in this match. But the luck was against this young pace bowler as he finished his quota with 70 for no wicket in this game.


IPL 2022 – Media Rights Auction Highlights



IPL Media Rights 2022 Auction

The BCCI on Tuesday once again proved to the world, its sheer dominance and the reason why it’s the strongest cricket board in the world. The broadcasting deals of the biggest T20 league in the world were sold by the BCCI in some incredibly good fashion. The Board managed to fetch a mouth-watering amount of INR 48,390 crore (USD 6.2 Billion), via the media rights of the Indian Premier League for a good enough period of 5 years from 2023 onwards.

The auctioning took place with huge pomp and show. This massive amount of money once again proved the fact, how gigantic IPL has been in comparison to the other T20 leagues across the planet. No doubt, this is another milestone that’s been achieved by Indian cricket and its board. This will be added to the history books to be appreciated by the upcoming generations for long times to come.

The bidders were offered 4 Packages:

  1. Indian Sub-Continent Television
  2. Indian Sub-Continent Digital
  3. Indian Digital Non-Exclusive Special Package
  4. Rest of the world

IPL 2022 Media Rights Auction – Packages A to D explained

Package A – TV Broadcasting Rights for the Indian Subcontinent for 410 IPL matches

Package B – Digital Rights for the Indian Subcontinent for 410 IPL matches 

Package C – Referred to the A Non-Exclusive Digital Rights deal

Package D – TV and Digital rights for overseas broadcasting

Base price for each package:

  • Package A – Rs. 49 crores / Match
  • Package B – Rs. 33 crores / Match
  • Package C – Rs. 11 crores / Match
  • Package D – Rs. 03 crores / Match
ipl broadcast rights
Disney Star India and Viacom 18 are allegedly the big players in this auction

IPL 2022 Media Rights Auction – Which company had which package?

  • The Disney Star retained its Indian subcontinent TV rights for a mammoth amount of INR 23,575 crores which amounts to almost Rs. 57.5 Crores / Game.
  • Meanwhile, Reliance acquired the Indian Digital Rights by paying a massive sum of INR 20,500 crores. 
  • Viacom18 won the Package C & had to pay a sum of INR 2991 crores for the purpose. The new company will now have digital rights to all the matches in India. Viacom18 also grabbed the digital rights exclusively for a sum of Rs. 23,758 crore to claim Packages B & C.
  • Times Internet claimed Package D for Rs 1,058 crore and will have the media rights for the Middle East and the USA.
  • The deals for packages A and B combined are fixed for a total of 410 matches, 74 of which are to take place in 2023-2024 each while the years 2025 and 2026 will consist of 84 matches. 2027 will include 94 games in total.

IPL 2022 Media Rights Auction – Comparison with Previous Years

The increase in the Media Rights Price compared to previous years is a clear one as it had soared to almost 196% (Which had spanned from 2018 to 2022 and amounted to INR 16,3475 crores)

IPL Auction Bidding – Comparison with other Sports Leagues around the world

ipl media rights
IPL has now taken over Premier League in terms of earning / match

The bids, worth a total of INR 44,075 Cr. ($5.64 Bn) have made the IPL, one of the richest sporting leagues in the world. Trusted statisticians at Forbes have reported that the National Football League (NFL) which is the biggest American Football league of the United States of America still earns the highest amount per match among the Biggest Sports Leagues in the world. The NFL is said to earn around  $36 Million / match.

England’s top-flight of football (soccer, to differentiate from NFL) Premier League sets a broadcaster back around $11 Mn. Major League Baseball costs around the same ($9.2 Mn per match). Various sources have said that the per match value of IPL, only from the Indian TV and Digital rights, comes out to be around INR 107.5 Cr ($13.82 Mn), second only to NFL. 

IPL Media Rights 2022 Auction – Bidding process in detail

So this is how the bidding is taking place:

The winner of Package A will fight with the winner of Package B to get all four packages. After that, the Winner of Package B will challenge the winner of Package C and D respectively. This process has been applied so that there is no monopoly over Indian Premier League rights and also, BCCI makes more money in this process. 

The IPL TV and Digital Rights increased by almost 86% in the 5 years. This means, adjusting for inflation, IPL has generated 86.75% more money from TV and digital rights this year for BCCI than previous years.

IPL Media Rights Auction – Competition Among Companies

When BCCI announced the IPL media rights auction in 2022, it was highly expected that several famous companies alongside the winners – Viacom18, Times Internet and Disney Star would be making efforts to have a share of the valuable TV or digital rights deals. Amazon, Google parent Alphabet, Dream11, veteran broadcasters Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), Zee Entertainment Enterprises and many more companies were amongst those who had entered the competition.

The fact that the BCCI increased the base price even further for TV and Digital Rights resulted in several companies pulling their names out. The introduction of Package C, the Non-Exclusive Digital Rights Package, which would be for a limited number of matches but far cheaper, further forced several companies to step aside.

Amazon’s not trying to get into this was due to the fact that they’re more or less business oriented while making decisions in this regard. The American E-Commerce giant has already invested $6 Bn in India, and any more investment did not make sense from a business perspective. Thus it made monetary sense for Amazon to pull itself out.

The impact of simultaneous E-Auctions

According to several sources, BCCI’s plan to conduct simultaneous E-Auctions for Packages A, B, C and D helped them extract the maximum value for the Indian Premier League media rights during the auctions. Each individual bidder had entered the E-Auction with a certain purse which was approved by their respective boards and the simultaneous E-Auction ensured that each of the players must put the entire amount in their purse on the table before they pulled out or quit the bidding process. 

This in turn helped the BCCI get an incremental value for each of the four packages. A very trusted source said that it is because of the simultaneous auction that we saw a sharp rise in the value of Package A and Package B rights. 

As we all know by now, the E-Auction kept on being updated every 30 minutes with a minimum increase in a bid of INR 50 lakh / Match which roughly translated to around INR 205 Crores in total (Rs 50 lakh x 410 matches) for the BCCI. 

Disney Star India, Viacom18, Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI), Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), and Times Internet were the big companies which participated in the bidding war with Disney Star India and Sony Pictures being the forerunners for the TV and Digital Rights.

ICC CEO David Richardson

IPL Media Rights – Confusion over ICC rights

So far, the broadcasting and digital companies who have participated in IPL’s auction have not paid much heed to what will happen when the rights of the International Cricket Council are decided in early September 2022 and they predict that it will not be much of a problem. 

Sources have revealed that ICC will be conducting a closed but controlled process and this has led to confusion among Indian participants in the bidding. Representatives of ICC will be speaking soon with the Indian bidding companies. 

The ICC has invited sealed bids for both four and eight years for the next cycle (2024-31) with a requirement from the participants to give presentations on their vision for cricket, particularly for the women’s package. 

This is a historical moment too as the ICC has invited separate bids for men’s and women’s rights for the first time ever. The bids will be submitted in closed envelopes on August 22 and the management of the highest cricket governing body of the world said that the envelopes of offer will be “opened in a controlled fashion with independent oversight following presentations.”

The winners will be announced officially by early September 2022.

What Lalit Modi says about IPL Media Rights?

“The numbers will get doubled”

Within a few days after the BCCI bagged an amount of more than INR 48 crores, former IPL chairman Lalit Modi in an interview with NDTV said that the valuation of the IPL media rights shall go on to become further higher and might even get doubled in the next cycle. Modi also believes that the league shall become the No.1 Sports League in the world soon. Modi who was the first chairman of the IPL played a key role in the League’s Management during the period 2008 – 2010. He also served as a vice president of the BCCI from 2005-2010. Lalit Modi was forced to flee India in 2010 after claims of tax cheating, money laundering, and proxy ownership were made against him and he has lived in London ever since.

ipl broadcasting
Lalit Modi

The consequences of these huge numbers on BCCI and IPL: A certain money-back guarantee! 

IPL without a doubt is the most prestigious and widely followed T20 cricket league on the planet. The way it has changed the thinking of cricket fans over a period of the last 15 years is simply remarkable. There’s no denying that owing to the wonderful standards that it has developed until now, the league attracts millions of fans with each passing day. 

The league’s never-ending fan following has only led to its prosperity with the passage of time and it certainly is going to continue for a fair amount of time in the future as well. The final numbers are yet to be updated though. However, during last year’s flagship event, BCCI reported a viewership of 380 Million halfway through the season, which indeed is a huge number in itself. 

It’s due to the fame and great fan following of this league that various well-established companies want to be a part of it by having a slice of the valuable right deals through it. To have their names embedded along with the world-famous league for seasons together is a dream come true for any company investing in the fulfillment of their purposes. 

The prizes might well go up and down in the years to come without a doubt without the knowledge of anybody. However, if we try to take a dive into the advertising costs for the digital and TV advertisements, it has been found out that the advertisements alone shall provide Viacom18 and Disney Star with an amazingly high amount of around INR 78 crores. Thus the two above-mentioned companies shall be making around 73% of the total amount from advertisements alone which is absolutely astonishing to everyone for sure. 

The above turn of events, if they take place as planned, shall certainly lead to further upliftment of the Indian Cricket Board – BCCI which already is the most powerful and prosperous of its kind. The IPL, which is a Giant Cricketing League in itself shall take even more giant strides in the cricketing world thereby proving its greatness year after year to the world.

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IPL: Chris Gayle Hints at Franchisee Owners For IPL 2022




The Universe Boss has been a power to reckon in the IPL let alone the international arena. Chris Gayle has been one of the most destructive batsmen the game has ever seen. Chris had started the IPL playing for the Kolkata knight riders, shifted to the Royal Challengers Bangalore where he had his best success and finally for the Punjab kings for four years.

He has been an absolute beast of T20 cricket and has been equally good in the other formats for the Windies. Chris was an opener by default but was flexible to bat at three in his latter stages playing for the kings. He has been an IPL legend: played 142 matches scoring 4965 runs at an average of 39.7 and at an insane strike rate of 149.

He has also been keen to have an impact with his bowling, picking up 18 wickets with an economy of 7.89 at an average of 40.5. Chris Gayle, as they say has been an emotion for the tournament lighting up stadiums with his swaggering skills. At the age of 42, he remains as fit as anyone and intense in the field.

However, the Jamaican did not participate in the IPL 2022 as he did not put his name in the mega auction. With the advent of 10 teams, comes the demand of high quality experience performers which would have embarked a new journey for the power-hitter. Apparently, Chris is all set prepping for the next year’s IPL sweating out at the gym reloading those big guns to send the ball out of the park.

Punjab, his former team has done an incredible job at the auction putting together a team of match winners who can change the course of the game within overs. If Chris decides to return, it would be interesting to see which team picks him up!

The legacy that Chris has set both for himself and the tournament and for cricket in general has been of a good reputation with resilience signified.

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Glenn Phillips Not Joining The SRH Squad, Reveals The Reason Behind Now



glenn maxwell srh

“Even after the darkest night, the sun will shine again”, Can the Risers shine again? 

 The 2021 IPL was a disaster for the Sunrisers Hyderabad. David Warner was associated with a controversy with the management.

As a result, Kane Williamson was made the captain at the end of the season. However, the Orange army would like to get into its groove to produce consistent results and a positive environment. Rashid Khan was not happy too as he was stated to be looking at better avenues to play cricket.

At the 2022 IPL mega auction, SRH had picked up a squad which comprises a nice blend of experience and youth. Glenn Philips is one such player picked up by the team management looking at his multifaceted skills.

However, Glenn is yet to join the team ahead of the teams first encounter against the Rajasthan royals on 29th of March,2022. Here’s the reason:

“For those who keep asking – I am stuck in New Zealand due to a positive PCR travel test. I will be joining SRH as soon as I can,” he wrote.

Therefore Glenn has contracted COVID and will join the bubble as soon as the issue gets resolved. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad look to start a new chapter of their book with no David Warner and no Rashid Khan.

These were the two most prolific pillars of the team’s foundation. 

Kane Williamson has done wonders for the New Zealand team with his captaincy and batting, the Sunrisers fans would also like to witness Vintage Kane all through the season.

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